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 30 Jan 2023 17:09 - ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤΟΣ ΤΣΙΝΑΚΟΣ

  Testimonial from Microsoft for the Metaverse IMT Virtual Reality Space

30 January 2023

“Having the chance to explore the features and capabilities provided through the Metaverse IMT Virtual Reality Space, which is created as part of the innovative xR technologies that the Metaverse IMT MSc of the International Hellenic University, the experience presented is gratifying and inspiring. Moving flawlessly between the three-floor virtual world, as it is revealed in the user’s presence, provides a unique experience in terms of the vast pallet of choices for academic services, as well as recreation and social activities.

Teleporting to all spaces, both indoors but also outdoors, utilizing features like file sharing or connecting to Web projectors, even amazing stuff like reflecting one’s virtual image through mirrors, enhances the experience, taking into to a next level.

What is amazing is that all this experience has been mapped and tailored into a meaningful Academic and Educational purpose area, for which I feel totally excited and which I believe will make a breakthrough step ahead in this technology field.

Great work, and thank you for this!


Giannis Anastasopoulos

Microsoft Lead for Education Sector, Greece|Cyprus|Malta