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24 Nov 2023 09:59

MSc/PhD IMT Open Day Event

Join the MSc/PhD IMT Open Day Event, a live online gathering that will unveil the future of immersive experiences.Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2023Time: 6:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM EST (New York)Location: Online (Zoom) & IMT VR SpaceRegister to join us here: https://bit.ly/IMT_IHU...

6 Oct 2023 20:41

IMT students , Instructors and Keynote in 13th International Conference

Amazing IMT students and instructors gathering on the occasion of the 13th International Conference "ICT in Education", hosted by the International Hellenic University in Kavala with our special guest and keynote speaker Prof. Helen Crompton! (29 /9/2023)...

3 Oct 2023 10:47

MSc in Immersive Technologies - Innovation in Education, Training and Game Design

In a fully packed amphitheater, 120+ researchers, educators, and University Professors were enthusiastic over the inspiring keynote of Prof Helen Crompton regarding the use of #ChatGPT in Education as part of the 13th International Conference of (Innovative) Technologies in Education at the International Hellenic University in Kavala Greece. Thank you Prof Helen Crompton for sharing your innov...

15 Jun 2023 17:17

List of IMT 2023-24 Keynote Speakers

We are excited about the Pioneer Researchers acting as Keynote Speakers for the IMT M.Sc. Program 2023The list of speakers includes :Dr. Helen Crompton Helen Crompton is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology, at Old Dominion UniversityDr Eleni Mangina  Eleni Magina is a Professor at the School of Computer Science, University College Dublin VP (International) Science at University Coll...

5 Dec 2021 20:43


IMT Welcomes the distinguished Researcher Dr. Fotis Liarokapis from the CYENS – Centre of Excellencehttps://www.cyens.org.cy/, as a Keynote speaker in the IMT Keynote Presentation SeriesOn the 12th of Dec 21.00 Greek/Cyprus Time (or 20.00 CET Time) he is going to present the“Extended Reality for Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of iMareCulture Project”The project iMARECULTURE (Advanced...

8 Feb 2021 02:00

IMT Instructors

The IMT international MSc program, will announce an official invitation for Instructors for the Academic Year 2021 -2022.Candidate Instructors can be from any place in the world, should be English speaking, hold at least a PhD on a topic related to the thematic area of IMT and have an extensive experience on this field....